Van den Berg installs two new high-voltage lines between Rijkevorsel and Beerse

9 December 2019

Van den Berg is installing two new high-voltage lines that will form part of ELIA’s high-voltage grid. The route covers a distance of 9 kilometres and involves a combination of open-trench installation and various complex directional drilling operations.

This drilling allows a number of obstacles to be crossed, such as the Dessel/Schoten canal and various regional roads, nature reserves and watercourses.

Fourteen boreholes ranging in length from 36 to 1,135 metres are being created using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Van den Berg is the ideal partner to engage for this kind of project, specialising in the trenchless horizontal directional drilling technique and the installation of high-voltage cables.

Here expertise and craftsmanship go hand in hand!

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