QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment)

Our constant efforts to embed ‘attention to quality, health, safety and environmental impact’ as established corporate values are an ‘adventure’. A QHSE culture cannot be planned or programmed. Nevertheless, the four pillars of quality, health, safety and the environment are top priorities in our policy and permanent focus points.

Our objectives

‘Right first time’

We pay extra attention to preparation, planning, quality assurance and control at every stage of a project to ensure that we deliver the right quality while meeting the agreed deadlines.

Less disruption and optimum safety

Infrastructure is an essential part of our society. The importance of cables, connections and networksis undeniable. As experts in this area, we constantly strive for improvements and optimisation.

We lay cables and pipe, perform detailed and precise directional drillings, and install signalling and monitoring systemsWe work on technical installations in tunnels and execute traffic technology projects.

There is no doubt about the importance of all these works, but they do, of course, often result in disruption. It is not always possible to entirely eliminate the inconvenience associated with our work.

It goes without saying for Van den Berg that operations must be accurate and phased with a strict adherence to schedules. Information about disruption, timing and any measures that need to be planned is important for the environment, the municipality or town itself, the residents, the retailers and those involved.

The site and project managers maintain permanent communication with the neighbourhood, the parties involved, the clients and subcontractors. By informing everyone promptly and quickly identifying any bottlenecks, we work efficiently and purposefully, and the frustrations of those involved are kept to a minimum.

Safety is key

The safety of our people and all parties involved is our number one priority. Van den Berg guarantees the integrity of its staff by proactively managing and reducing risks. Any accident, incident or occupational illness is unacceptable.

The safety of all parties involved is pivotal at Van den Berg. Order, cleanliness and accessibility are a key concern in operations at every site.

ISO 9001 accreditation


VCA certificate


ISO 14001-erkenning


Finishing and measuring certificate


Installation and blowing certificate

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