Van den Berg wants to contribute to a safer and green planet and work towards a better place to live. The aim is to go beyond the legal requirements in the domains of Society (People), Environment (Planet) and Economy (Growth) ), and to do so on a voluntary basis.

Our CSR priorities focus on four pillars:

CSR Pillars


Van den Berg undertakes to guarantee the well-being and safety of its employees. At the same time, we also want to offer sufficient opportunities for career development and social involvement.



Our engineers are committed to creating sustainable construction and infrastructure solutions.


We aim to minimise our impact by reducing our CO2 emissions and waste 



Business Behaviour

Van den Berg has committed to sustainable purchasing and to complying with the codes of conduct.

Challenges and commitments

In achieving these priorities Van den Berg takes into account 5 major challenges within its sector: climate change, the ageing of society, the increasing need for sustainable solutions, the need for renewable energy and new talent management needs.

Combining these CSR pillars with the challenges within the industry results in the following commitments:

  • Facilitating a low carbon and low waste society
  • Encouraging green solutions
  • Ensuring respectful and sustainable operations
  • Being a preferred employer
  • Increasing the safety and comfort of employees
  • Integrating codes of conduct
  • Promoting social, local and economic development
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