Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Van den Berg and Agidens Infra Automation have grown into leading players in the world of infrastructure and automation. Since 2022, we have continued our story together under the name 'BESIX Unitec': a union of the most innovative techniques and technologies within the BESIX Group.


Van den Berg was founded in 1973 as a subsidiary of a Dutch family firm, Van den Berg Brothers.


After a few years, the shares in the Van den Berg family firm were reorganised and the Belgian company was split off from the Dutch one. The company became wholly owned by Mr G.J. Van den Berg.


The founding of Agidens Infra Automation, as part of the former Egemin.


In 1990, Van den Berg broadened its activities with the acquisition of Canalisatie- en Grondwerken (founded in 1956), or Alcagro for short, a company involved mainly in the construction of gas pipelines.


In 1993, Mr G.J. Van den Berg decided to sell the company to the management with the backing of a financial shareholder. The shares were reorganised and the subsidiary Alcagro became the parent company.


In the years that followed, the company continued to grow, partly through the acquisition in 1996 of Industriële Werken, a company involved in the lighting, cable television and domestic connections businesses.


In 2000, the company was taken over by Heijmans nv. Shortly afterwards, Van den Berg acquired another two companies: De Beukelaer in Buzet and Dirk Buyse Grondwerken in Roeselare.


In 2003, the name Alcagro was changed to Alcagro VAG leidingbouw nv. The place of business of Alcagro VAG leidingbouw nv and Van den Berg nv was moved to a new building in Schelle.


Over the next few years, Van den Berg simplified its company structure and pooled its operational activities. Various Business Lines were formed. The name definitively became Van den Berg N.V.


In 2005, Van den Berg merged with its subsidiary Dirk Buyse Grondwerken, and in 2006 with its subsidiary Industriële Werken.


In 2015, Van den Berg took over Heeffer en Nuijten Kabelwerken BVBA, a company that had been collaborating with Van den Berg for many years as a subcontractor.


And in 2017, Van den Berg acquired the shares of bvba Larabo in Zele.


The acquisition of Uniconnect.


Van den Berg takes over Agidens Infra Automation from Agidens.


Both companies join forces under the new name of ‘BESIX Unitec’.

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