Van den Berg and Agidens Infra Automation become BESIX Unitec

16 March 2022

Our complementarity is an added value for our customers

SCHELLE, 15 March 2022 – Van den Berg and Agidens Infra Automation have joined forces and will now move forward under a unified brand, BESIX Unitec.

Annick Martin, Managing Director of BESIX Unitec: “Today, both companies already play a major role in the automation of large network infrastructures. We are combining our competences, which are incredibly complementary, becoming the leading technology partner in the infrastructure market in the process. Added to that, we also convey the same corporate values. The combination therefore provides added value for all our stakeholders: from the more than 500 employees to our customers and suppliers.”

Agidens Infra Automation is the market leader in engineering and automation projects in various sectors. Their electromechanical expertise and in-depth understanding of technological processes and maintenance & support fit seamlessly with Van den Berg’s expertise: the laying and maintenance of energy and data network infrastructures. Hence the choice of name: BESIX Unitec, a union of high-tech technologies and techniques within the BESIX Group.

Jean Pôlet, Chairman of the Board of Directors: “The techniques that Van den Berg constructs on and around infrastructure works require increasing amounts of steering and automation. It is in precisely that market that Agidens Infra Automation’s strengths lie. Following the takeover by Van den Berg, Agidens Infra Automation had to change name in any case. So this is the ideal opportunity to mould the melded companies into a leading position on the data network infrastructure market.”

The infrastructure markets and their related techniques are evolving increasingly quickly and becoming more complex. Take, for example, the ever-increasing requirements regarding tunnel safety, the management of flood risk or the roll-out of a European train control system. The growth in demand for an integrated approach and in the diversity of scenarios is endless.

Ken Watzeels, General Manager at Agidens Infra Automation: “With BESIX Unitec we are strengthening ourselves throughout the entire chain, from concept to maintenance, alleviating our customers’ concerns about the life cycle of their assets.”

New opportunities

Joining forces creates countless potential new market combinations.

Annick Martin: “Expanding those synergies is our first step in the growth trajectory. Longer term, BESIX Unitec aims to become the technology partner in the infrastructure market, both in our domestic markets of Belgium and the Netherlands and elsewhere.”

Satellite offices

BESIX Unitec’s head office will be on the former Van den Berg site, centrally located in Schelle, in the province of Antwerp.

Annick Martin: “The new way of hybrid working is really commonplace due to the pandemic and the persistent mobility problems. We are committed to digitalisation and, as a result, you can also find our employees in our satellite offices in Zwijndrecht, Bilzen, Brasschaat and in the Dutch town of Dordrecht. Co-working in an accessible location is, in our view, more important that having one head office.”

Economies of scale

The support of BESIX Group offers BESIX Unitec a platform of scale-up in all kinds of areas.

Jean Pôlet: “BESIX has for many years pursued complex and integrated projects in an international context. With the growing importance of technological applications, sustainability and circularity, BESIX Unitec with its skills and experience, fits the puzzle within the BESIX Group. Reciprocally, BESIX Group can provide its growing subsidiary with the required knowledge platforms to further expand their specific knowledge. We provide an answer to the increasingly complex challenges and, at the same time, can make best use of geographical coverage.”

About BESIX Unitec

BESIX Unitec is the new name under which Agidens Infra Automation and Van den Berg operate.

About Agidens Infra Automation

Agidens Infra Automation (AIA) launched its operations in the infrastructure market in 1987 as part of the then Egemin and developed into a strong, reliable and experienced player in the market for major infrastructure projects, mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the years, AIA became the market leader thanks to the combination of automation, electromechanical expertise, maintenance and strong partnerships. AIA employs around 150 people in its offices in Zwijndrecht, Brasschaat and Dordrecht (Netherlands).

About Van den Berg

Van den Berg was founded in 1973 and has extensive expertise in energy and data network infrastructures. Its service offering includes laying cables and pipelines above and below the ground, horizontal directional drilling, installing high voltage and traction, networks and structured cabling systems, fibre-optic networks, heating grids, signalling installations and monitoring systems, domestic connections, technical installations in tunnels and traffic technology. Van den Berg employs around 375 people and is based in Schelle.

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