Project Management

We are go-getters who are always looking for solutions

Our mission at Van den Berg is to create added value and meet, or even exceed, quality requirements on schedule and within budget. Dedicated project managers play an important role in these ambitions. Site managers, negotiators, trouble-shooters etc. take the lead as experienced experts in planning and coordinating all technical, administrative and financial aspects. Armed with the insights and skills they have accumulated, Van den Berg project managers can draw on an unparalleled level of expertise, whether in technical horizontal directional drilling, the installation of a fibre-optic network or a high-voltage project. Professionals exchange their know-how directly so that problems are quickly resolved.


Integrated safety management is essential in order to ensure everyone’s welfare.


We deploy our personnel in such a way that we can overcome any setback and guarantee that all projects are completed on time.


General and specialist project engineers study every aspect thoroughly.


Our quality policy is defined on the basis of analysis of the many stakeholders.


We take proactive measures to resolve complex situations and modify our plans and priorities according to changing circumstances.


Inventive value engineering ensures costs are optimised.


On every important decision we consult with the customer and all relevant stakeholders: the customer’s advisers and consultants, local authorities, technical inspectors and residents.

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