Procedures to protect whistleblowers when reporting

You will find all the information you need to know on whistleblowing and how to report a misconduct.

BESIX Group adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards, as reflected in its values and its Codes. The Group wants to be seen as an organization where these standards are fully integrated into the workplace and into the quality of the professional relationships that the Group develops between its employees and its business partners.

BESIX Group encourages the reporting of serious concerns or suspected irregularities or wrongdoing by a whistleblower in a secure manner.

By whistleblower, we mean an individual or organization, having access to information or data, and who have concerns about serious wrongdoing or irregularity, and who decides to bring them to the attention of the Group: 

Employees, former employees, applicants, consultants and independent contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, in the context of work-related activities or professional relationships with colleagues or with line managers or business partners, and its business activities. 

What can be reported

By whistleblowing, we mean the act of reporting actual or suspected employee misconduct or malpractice, or specific actual or suspected incidents of wrongdoing, in the workplace or in the Group's activities:

  • Anti-money laundering, environmental protection, transport safety and compliance, public health, protection of privacy, competition law, state aid rules, corporate tax rule;  
  • Financial interests of the UE, consumer protection, public procurement, financial services, radiation protection, and nuclear safety. 

The Group ensures that whistleblowers, who witness and denounce actual or potential violations of Union law, in certain matters of general interest, are protected from any form of retaliation or victimization (sanctions, dismissal, intimidation, ,...)

BESIX Group encourages reporting any serious concerns and facilitate whistleblowing procedure according to the EU Whistleblower directive (2019/1937) and the collective labour agreement in the BESIX Group European Works Council on the protection of whistle-blowers.

Please read our whistleblowing policy for further information:

How to report

BESIX Group encourages whistleblowers to report alerts through a secure online reporting platform from an external provider:

Reporting an alert

This is a safe and secure way to report any concerns or serious suspicions of irregularities or wrongdoing within the Group.

Alerts may also be reported through the following channels:

  • By post, by sending a written report to the following address:
    BESIX Group Whistleblower, Name of entity involved
    Avenue des Communautés / Gemeenschappenlaan 100
    1200 Brussels, Belgium
  • Verbal reports may be made by telephone or other voicemail and, if requested by the reporter, in person within a reasonable time.

We recommend whistleblowers to include in their report the background and history of what happened and why they feel concerned.

BESIX Group ensures the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower and the people involved and complies with the GDPR.

However, BESIX Group cannot guarantee the anonymous handling of complaints if the whistleblower chooses to report via business email.


For further explanations or questions:

BESIX Group Whistleblower, Name of entity involved
Avenue des Communautés / Gemeenschappenlaan 100 
1200 Brussels, Belgium

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